Alltruck solves your freight, waste and moving transport in an agile, reliable and safe way.

Our platforms

Alltruck app

AllTruck le facilita la vida mediante una APP para el transporte seguro e inmediato de sus objetos y carga, mediante pick ups, camiones y motocicletas.

Alltruck makes your life easier through an APP that transports your cargo in an agile and safe means, through vehicles suited for every occasion and need

Alltruck Business

A Digital platform that solves your business freight logistics allowing it to provide a better and more efficient delivery service for your customer.


To unite the needs of freight logistics through an online and real-time digital platform that covers all the cities and countries we operate, in a safe, agile and reliable way.


Put within easy reach of our users, the ease to send any cargo quickly, quickly and safely creating a collaborative community in the transport of cargo.

“When you do things the same way the result will always be the same, but when you change the way you do things, the result will be different. Alltruck has changed the way you send or receive your cargo and put it at your fingertips.”

Leonel Feoli, co-founder.